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Use eLearning to provide support to instructors as well as trainees

By March 30th, 2012No Comments

The main advantages of eLearning are generally confined to what can be done for the learners using custom training software. Besides freeing up time for additional instruction, the program also helps workers understand their responsibilities. However, training software also makes work easier and more efficient for trainers.

The Pre-Collegiate Learning Center of Highland Park, New Jersey, has found this to be the case. The university preparatory facility embraced eLearning development for a number of reasons, but one of the most salient is the ability of teachers to quickly access students' work and gauge their progress accordingly. Instead of relying on pupils to submit their papers directly to educators, these instructors can instantly see if work has been done and how it was accomplished.

Additionally, teachers have the ability to make more quantifiable judgments about employee efforts and progress. Instead of analyzing abstract values such as student participation and interest, educators in schools as well as the workplace can find out how much reading a pupil has done and what digital materials were reviewed. This makes training and teaching more efficient and accurate, so employers should consider implementing this system whenever possible.

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