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Use mobile eLearning to exponentially increase the functionality of eLearning

By January 23rd, 2012No Comments

When using any sort of educational model, field trips out of the classroom are a good way to show examples of what students and employees are studying in the classroom. First-hand experience is a great way to solidify previously learned processes and tasks. To get the most out of a field trip, optimize eLearning to work in the field.

Mobile apps are one of the best ways to bring the benefits of eLearning with students when they actually get to engage in first-person learning. They can either be downloaded ahead of time or on the go to give students and employees the chance to actually see what they'll be doing while they continue to take notes and even receive tests that are pertinent to what they're seeing.

Mobile learning also allows students to free themselves from certain time constraints that can make learning more difficult. For example, teachers and instructors might find themselves struggling to fit all of the curriculum of a class or seminar into a short amount of time. When it comes time to decide between an important lesson and a field trip, the decision isn't quite as hard because learning will continue effectively even outside of the classroom.

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