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Use new tablet technology to improve mobile development training

By March 22nd, 2012No Comments

The recent announcement of the new iPad has, like any Apple release, set the tech world ablaze with speculation and anticipation. There's no denying new technology like this can vastly improve many areas of a business' operations, particularly when it comes to workplace training. However, one of the new iPad's less known benefits has less to do with that model and more to do with other models of tablets. 

The new iPad means the likelihood is high the price of the original will experience a significant drop. The iPad 2 will apparently cost at least $399, placing it $100 above the current model. If history is any indication, that gap will widen after the new iPad hits stores by the end of 2012. As such, companies interested in Apple app development and other mobile workplace training should begin planning their instructional programs for the upcoming year. It also means that other non-Apple devices will soon either be discounted or released with lower prices. 

Tablets make excellent mobile development training tools because they're incredibly versatile. They don't just have to be training platforms – tablets also have several workplace applications that come into play after new hires have become full-time members of your staff. In fact, many organizations are implementing bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies when it comes to tablets, rewarding workers who provide their own technology for training and job-related activities. Consider starting such a program and even subsidizing iPad purchases (if the prices indeed fall) to supplement your mobile app development training efforts.

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