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Simulation Development

Use simulation development to supplement MBA training

By March 26th, 2012No Comments

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) is an important requirement for many professional leadership roles. Without such a degree, employers might not feel an applicant possesses the requisite level of financial expertise to successfully supervise an enterprise. This means quite a few high-level positions are only available to graduates who have obtained MBAs.

Unfortunately, some executives and academics have found certain aspects of the MBA program to be lacking. In particular, graduates who possess MBAs are often ill-prepared for leadership roles because their studies mostly focus on data and business rather than interpersonal relationships and communication. A study by Fayetteville State University sought to find a solution to this problem, and it suggests simulation development is a viable solution.  Consider the following ways MBA candidates can bolster their resumes with digital training.

Friendly interaction
One of the biggest gaps in the MBA program is the result of insufficient interpersonal practice. That is, business administrators are prepared more to lead and less to interact with subordinates as equals. This gives these professionals less motivation to practice friendly interactions with coworkers. However, simulation development can give opportunities to hone these talents before using them in an office.

Deemphasizing goals
Another shortcoming of MBA graduates is their overlarge focus on goals and results rather than processes. This can make people impatient, and makes it more difficult to engage in the teamwork that makes many companies successful. However, digital simulation programs can give these future business leaders the chance to experience true teamwork situations and become more adept at working with others in various capacities.

Positive feedback
The business world isn't one that calls for self-congratulation and inflated senses of self-esteem. However, it is important for executives and managers to coax improved performances out of their employees. Consequently, it's a good idea to improve recent MBA hires' abilities to offer positive feedback, both for their subordinates and their peers.

Developing relationships
Another glaring vacuum in the business world is that which exists between executives and those subordinates. The closer the personal bonds between different levels of a commercial hierarchy, the easier it is for these employees to work together. This is something most MBA programs don't often emphasize, which is why simulation development is such an important tool. It can fill in this substantial gap and make projects flow in most commercial settings.

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