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Web-based Apps Available Anytime

By August 28th, 2013No Comments

In simple terms, a web-based application is one that is available via a web browser. No matter where you are located, the information is accessible inside or outside of the office. That’s certainly a benefit if you travel to satellite office locations, work from home, or are on the road. There are other benefits to web apps as well. Here are a few that can positively impact production and bottom line immediately.

Flexible use. The top benefit of a web-based application is that it is flexible and convenient. These applications can be accessed anytime from any location around the globe either by PC, laptop or mobile device. With the proliferation of mobile devices, the same web pages we access from our desk or laptop can be accessed from a mobile phone or tablet.

Cross platform. Web-based applications can run across any platform and most operating systems via a browser like Safari, Chrome or Firefox. There is usually no noticeable difference in the way the application works.

No installation. A web app does not require hard drive space or installation like traditional desktop applications.

Easy updates. Because web applications run on web servers there are no individual updates needed for maintenance or troubleshooting. Updates are made automatically to all users upon login, with no installations.

Data security. Firewalls, password protection and other security measures coded into web applications protect them from unauthorized personnel and hackers that might want to access data. Piracy isn’t an option because there is no hardcopy.

Scalable solutions. A web app can easily grow and expand along with a business.

The development team at CSE Software Inc. has two decades of experience building software applications. CSE experts can customize web app programming to fit your business and its unique needs. If your business needs flexible, secure web accessible apps contact Chris Thompson at 1.309.670.7595 to get started today.