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According to Cisco, by the end of 2013 there were more mobile devices on earth than people. More than ever, consumers are using their smart phones and apps to find out about new products and services. In a Nielson study, nine out of 10 mobile searches resulted in a purchase or visit. That means buying decisions are being affected by mobile use. Don’t be left behind. Mobile apps can be designed and deployed to give your business the edge.

Brand Recognition
Build brand awareness through an app. Keep your company in mind with an app that is always in your client’s hand. When a customer needs something, your company name will literally be in-hand.

New Revenue
Some apps can generate income either as a paid download, through in-app purchases, paid-subscriptions, or as a convenient avenue to order goods and services. Advertising-based sales are a model that certain companies can implement. Consider using geo-tracking to push notifications about special sales and offers by city or region.

Customer Feedback
Get priceless, detailed customer feedback on products and services by gathering data through a mobile app. Through the app’s analytics, identify the most profitable and promising locations, demographic segments, markets and customer needs. Identify future product or service “desires” and understand customer use of products and services with opinion polls and surveys. This kind of data and insights can be used to make product improvements and enhancements; identify new business opportunities; and meet customer needs more effectively.

Customer Engagement
Create an app that is strictly for customer engagement. Coupons, promotions, games, trivia and more can be used to keep customers’ attention on your business. Help your customers become your company’s best brand advocates and build customer loyalty in the process. Offer special customers free product samples and take pictures of them to tweet out and post on LinkedIn and other social sites. Engagement is also the cornerstone of building a relationship with your customers. Let them know about new products, events and other unique things your company is doing. Celebrate your customer’s birthday and give them an incentive for the day.

Useful, Helpful, Instructional
Offer customers tips and insights about how to use your products. Or offer helpful information around the industries you serve. Make copies of instruction guides and have them available for easy access, or have an “expert” on hand to share advice and answer questions.

A mobile app makes it easy to connect with your customers anytime and anyplace. The Mobile App Development Team at CSE Software can define, design, develop and deploy a mobile app that fits your customer profile and your organization’s goals. Contact Stacey Burris at 1.309.670.7595 to get started today!