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Work flow during any given day should be seamlessly integrated with training

By January 31st, 2012No Comments

When organizations set aside time in the day for training sessions, they're doing two things. The first is to separate new hires from the rest of a workforce, essentially keeping them from some of the people from whom they need to learn. This is often unavoidable and necessary. The second effect of training sessions is the interruption of workflow, and it is also harmful to worker education and therefore should be avoided whenever possible.

Thankfully, eLearning development is a great way to introduce training concepts and learning sessions into employees' daily routines. Because custom software development creates staff members who are able to efficiently learn in a shorter amount of time and in a variety of settings, it's possible to keep training as a part of long-time workers' routines.

Such a pattern can eventually yield workforces that are constantly prepared to be taught new practices or simply keep their skill sets sharp. Consider integrating tablets and other mobile devices into the eLearning model a company uses to allow for thorough training and reference abilities no matter where workers are stationed.

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