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CSE Software Inc. Partners with OSF Healthcare

In a strategic partnership between CSE Software Inc. and OSF Healthcare at the Jump Trading Simulation & Education Center, CSE has developed simulation training for an infusion pump device. Using an interactive mobile app designed by CSE Software, hospital professionals will learn the proper operation of the Smart Pump and an overview of the supporting…

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7 Reasons to Automate Processes

Learn how custom development can save your business precious resources including time and money when you automate processes. Here are seven reasons why it makes sense to automate manual business processes. 1. Increase productivity and use less labor by reducing time spent on repetitive tasks. Long manual processes take time to complete. Once you automate,…

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The Right Registration Site Can Make Your Event a Success!

According to an IBIS World report, the business-to-business trade show and conference market is generating $13 billion in revenues in the U.S. alone. Host the right type of registration site—one that leaves your attendees looking forward to your upcoming event. Hosting a hard-to-use site means frustrated visitors end up leaving, and your business reputation is…

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