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When the sales team at Cheetah Medical needed to conduct training for clinicians and nurses on its medical devices, the process was often time consuming, involved extended travel and used outmoded paper formats. Being a start-up made it extra challenging for the Cheetah Medical sales team to address the needs of the customer and juggle other important responsibilities.

“I am freaking out over this App. We all are!” – Cheetah Medical Sales Team

“Thank you for your hard work, this looks incredible and its genius to be able to send push notifications to remind people to check and see if there are Cheetah patients!” – Cheetah Medical Sales Team

“I can’t tell you how often I’ve been asked if we have a resource like this. So awesome!” – Cheetah Medical Sales Team

With a home base in Newton Center, Mass., the team often traveled the country to conduct training. Shane Cooke, Chief Strategy Officer for Cheetah Medical was certain there had to be a better way to educate clinicians. While in the field himself training customers, he noticed that they were always on their phones. That was the lightbulb moment when he knew digital technology was the answer. Cooke began forming the idea for a reference app that could be used on mobile devices.

Cooke needed a company that could not only bring the app to life, but could move as fast in healthcare development as Cheetah required. Halfway across the country was the answer – at CSE Software. He connected with the team at CSE and talked through the idea. He also got buy-in and feedback from his sales team on their experiences in the field. After a number of regional meetings with his team the idea for educating clinicians began taking shape. The new tool would change the way Cheetah trained its customers.

Once the project was approved it quickly progressed from the quote stage to the beta stage within about a month. “It moved really rapidly, which was a testament to the CSE team. We like to move quickly and respond to customers quickly,” said Cooke. “The CSE team was super responsive. I couldn’t have chosen a better team to build our app.” From the first contact with the CSE account manager, to development and deployment of the app, the process was seamless.

“Amazing, truly! … really awesome tool to provide for our clinicians and I’m personally really impressed with all the tools and resources and thought put into it!” – Cheetah Medical Sales Team

“I just downloaded the app and it is perfect. I know our customers are going to love it and be super grateful for the extra guidance.” – Cheetah Medical Sales Team

After the app was deployed to the App Store and Google Play, the Cheetah Medical sales team began using it in the field. According to Cooke, the goal of the app is two-fold. First, it helps the field team have a reference right at their fingertips during training. The team always requests that clinicians download the app. The sales team can train right from the app. Secondly, Cooke has said it is not only a blueprint for the training course itself, but after their team leaves, the clinicians will know where to go for information. “We were blown away by the app. It’s great that our team loves it, but even better when our customers love it. We hear from them that they are sharing it with other clinicians,” shared Cooke.

Based on comments back from the sales team, Cooke knows that the app helps train consistently, has cut out some travel expenses, has saved on document costs, and generates plenty of positive customer satisfaction results. Pretty sweet when one app can do all that!