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An engaged employee understands and carries out the mission, goals, values and position of the organization/business. The engaged worker is the key to achievement through innovation, motivation and productivity. This worker is more likely to develop new skills and promote the organization/business in a positive light. Best of all, engaged employees achieve in every area from fewer quality assurance issues to greater production and profits.

The key to engagement is gamification. Adding gamification elements does not mean a game. It is the application of game mechanics in non-game contexts to engage users to solve problems, develop skills or reach some desired behavior. It works by motivating the user to achieve goals. Here are some examples of gamification elements that can be used:

Challenges – Users are motivated by challenges. The challenge must not be too hard, or the user will become frustrated and give up. Too easy and the user becomes bored and gives up. The challenges must be achievable.

Levels – Each time a challenge is met, the user will advance to a new level. It could be receiving points, obtaining access to content, reaching another challenge, etc. Levels show that the user is making progress towards an end-goal. Reaching a level can also be conveyed to other users to show status.

Competition – A competitive environment can work well for certain individuals. For others, it can leave them with a feeling of low self-esteem. Make sure that every users has a fair chance of winning. Another option is to reward each user that reaches a certain goal, rather than having one winner.

Collaboration – Users work together to solve a problem or come up with a new idea. Collaboration promotes team work and allows users who might not normally interact, the opportunity to do so. Reward them as a group for reaching certain parameters or milestones.

Status – Users receive status through the awards and achievements they earn. Status itself is a reward to many people.

Gamification elements can be added to any initiative to engage employees. Whether it’s a wellness program, new software rollout, achieving sales and more.



The professionals at CSE Software can help your organization design, develop and deploy gamified initiatives to get and keep your employees engaged in the business. Contact Stacey Burris at 1.309.670.7595 to learn more about gamification and what it can mean to your employees and business.