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Back-to-school tips for online students using eLearning tools

With so many students turning to the web for eLearning development, here are some tips on how to leverage it to the best of their ability for maximum success.

Mobile devices bring learning to more students

The inundation of smartphones both in the U.S. and beyond has made them an attractive platform for a number of different kinds of applications.

Healthcare workers get help from mobile apps

Doctors, nurses and other clinicians need to be able to reference a vast amount of information on a regular basis in order to properly treat patients.

Massive Open Online Courses beginning to have significant impact on higher education

Academic experts and critics believe that the proliferation of these eLearning development online educational tools has the potential to significantly impact how colleges and universities will run in the near future.

Getting practice in disasters

Managing a crisis is a difficult matter and it’s harder still when a person has only read the guidelines they’re meant to follow.

Mobility for students of all ages may soon be a reality

As mobile devices like cell phones, smartphones and tablets become more a part of most people’s everyday lives, software developers and technology specialists are looking for ways to incorporate their programs into these tools.

Low-income eLearning projects taking off in New Zealand

An innovative eLearning project in New Zealand is attempting to build on its success by looking for partners to help it expand further throughout the country next year, according to The New Zealand Herald.

CSE Software Team to Participate in Can Do Walk

A team from CSE Software Inc. will be participating in the 10th annual Can Do Walk & 5K on September 8, 2012. The event raises money for the Can Do 4:13 Scholarship Fund, which is dedicated to providing $1,000 scholarships to the 2002 through 2008 fourth grade classes at Peoria, Illinois’ Irving Primary School. The…

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Investing in learning solutions can build a better tomorrow

Young people today are bound to be the business leaders and innovation drivers of tomorrow, so investing in their educational opportunities now is essential for maintaining the right sort of emphasis on enrichment.

Online learning gaining momentum

Connecting students with academic opportunities is essential for making the most of training and teaching.

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