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Add a Microsite to Deliver Focused Information & Raise SEO

What is a microsite, you wonder? In essence, a microsite is an extension of your main website. Also known as minisites or weblets, these sites are the newest web design iteration and usually consist of only five or six focused pages. The sites are used in order for an organization to offer more in-depth information…

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5 Reasons Your Business Needs to Adopt eLearning/mLearning Today!

Has your business adopted eLearning for training? If not, it’s time to make the move from traditional methods to eLearning! Here are five reasons why it makes sense: 1. Save costs. With eLearning you don’t need classroom space, instructors or printed materials. Develop courses and make them available on a PC, or via the Internet…

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The Value of Simulation Training: Learn, Practice, Master, Apply

Teaching employees new skills, techniques or processes can be challenging for many companies. Often training depends on when another employee’s schedule is free or taking that person away from production or billable work. If machines or equipment are needed for training, then those machines are not in production during the training time, as well as…

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