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5 Reasons Your Business Needs to Adopt eLearning/mLearning Today!

By May 16th, 2013No Comments

Has your business adopted eLearning for training? If not, it’s time to make the move from traditional methods to eLearning! Here are five reasons why it makes sense:

1. Save costs. With eLearning you don’t need classroom space, instructors or printed materials. Develop courses and make them available on a PC, or via the Internet or mobile device (mLearning).
2. Increase material retention. Interactive content is engaging and captures user attention better than traditional material. The combination of written, audio, video, graphics and simulations help users retain material at a much higher rate. Show someone how to do something and they have a better chance of remembering the information later on.
3. Record and report results. Once users go through eLearning courses they can be tested on their knowledge and the results recorded and reported. Find out instantly who learned the material. Identify weak spots so managers know where additional training is needed.
4. Deliver training anytime, anyplace. There are no boundaries with eLearning. No matter how many locations need training and education, eLearning can reach users anywhere on the globe—on demand.
5. Increase productivity. Keep skills sharp and allow employees to train when it’s convenient for their schedule and yours. No need to take them away from important tasks or billable hours at work. Instead users can learn after the workday or when they schedule time to be away from regular tasks.

Convinced yet that your company needs to adopt eLearning? It’s time to talk to the experienced eLearning development team at CSE Software Inc. Our experts can explain the ways eLearning can be used to train employees on compliance or techniques, teach new skills, or even bring customers up-to-date on your latest product offerings. Find out how easy it is to get started. Contact Stacey Burris today at 1.309.670.7595 for more information.