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CSE Heavy Equipment

Our team can develop heavy equipment simulations for any machine, utilizing hardware controls that integrate with the software. In turn, the simulated machine responds/reacts realistically to the environment, maneuvers, and terrain interaction. Whether training operators, testing parts, sensors or controls, CSE has worked with some of the biggest heavy equipment manufacturers in the world to develop replica machine simulators.

Training operators? In addition to building the technical skills needed to operate heavy equipment, a simulator from CSE Software will develop the user’s motor skills, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills.”

Heavy Equipment

Innovation does not stop at the simulation development. Accessories, like our motion system and VR Edition, further enhance and engage heavy equipment users. Our team has a deep knowledge and understanding of the R&D process, turning the outcomes into practical products that work in tandem with the simulators.

Take your heavy equipment training to the next level!

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