Virtual Reality

Focused on paving applications, Cat® Safety VR teaches new employees how to interact with coworkers and identify hazards along a road construction jobsite, while in the safety of the virtual environment.

The virtual scenarios are based on real world job tasks, duties, and responsibilities. Scenarios are planned, designed, and scripted, with input from subject matter experts. Once the headset is on, the user is immersed in a virtual four-lane highway environment to receive instructions from the foreman. The user must follow instructions and make decisions throughout the five different training scenarios. Positive decisions are reinforced and negative decisions have consequences. When the user makes a mistake in the virtual environment, the results are not life threatening, as on an actual worksite.

This project was developed for Caterpillar Safety Services. The group guides organizations in a culture of zero-incident performance by providing industry best practices, continuous improvement processes, and the latest technologies to see, mitigate, and manage risks.

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Using the latest of Virtual Reality equipment, CAT® Safety VR helps users to feel engaged with the virtual environment.


Programmers bring the virtual environment to life, immersing the user in the worksite.