VR Simulator

Operating an excavator in crowded spaces leaves little room for error. Learn how to dig footings, dig trenching for underground pipe, and more with Cat® Simulators Advanced Construction Excavator Simulator System.

Simulators optionally include a motion system that allows users to feel vibration and movement when the simulated machine is running during training exercises. Each exercise includes an option to use Grade Control and/or Open Training mode. Plus, record and report each simulator session so operators, instructors and administrators can see the results.

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Frame and controls needed to operate the simulator; computer; mouse; keyboard; seat; 1 monitor stand and 3 monitors, 43″.


Advanced Construction Excavator Simulator software and SimU Campus Training Records Management software.


Telephone support in English, 24x7x365 plus any software maintenance updates for 1 year. This is an annual subscription with a yearly renewal fee.