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CSE Software Inc. Develops Small Wheel Loader Simulation

Peoria, Ill—The CSE Software Inc. Serious Gaming and Simulation team has developed new software for training to operate a Small Wheel Loader.     The Small Wheel Loader is a versatile machine that can perform many different operations from stockpiling dirt to loading or unloading pallets. It has a number of work tool attachments that…

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5 Reasons Simulation Training Works in Healthcare

The complexity and risk involved in delivering healthcare makes it a natural fit for simulation training. Realistic simulation allows medical students and professionals to practice skills in the safety of a virtual environment. The use of simulation can improve methods, processes, teamwork and patient outcomes. Here are five reasons why. 1. Understanding reactions. Learners can…

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Simulation Helps Articulated Truck Drivers Increase Safety

Articulated Trucks run a risk of overturning if not operated properly. The oscillating hitch that makes it possible to turn in tight areas also makes it easy to tip over if the operator doesn’t know how to handle the machine. Traditional Articulated Truck driver training relies on putting drivers in actual worksite settings. While hands-on,…

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CSE Software Inc. Develops Articulated Truck Simulation

Peoria, Ill—The CSE Software Serious Gaming and Simulation team has developed new software for training to operate an Articulated Truck. The actual Articulated Truck weighs 163,087 lbs. when fully loaded. The key feature is an oscillating hitch that allows it to turn in tight areas. The oscillation also means the truck can overturn easily, if…

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What Does the 4D Development Process Mean?

In a nutshell, 4D development is a recipe to a finished digital project. It’s the mixture of creative concepts, innovation and technical development for software, web applications, 3D simulation, mobile apps and mLearning material. The theory is that by following a methodical process you get the desired outcome. But there’s more to it than just…

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The Value of Simulation Training: Learn, Practice, Master, Apply

Teaching employees new skills, techniques or processes can be challenging for many companies. Often training depends on when another employee’s schedule is free or taking that person away from production or billable work. If machines or equipment are needed for training, then those machines are not in production during the training time, as well as…

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CSE Software Featured In IBI

The January 2013 issue of Peoria InterBusiness Issues (IBI) featured an article on CSE Software Inc.’s latest endeavor into medical simulation. CSE is collaborating with OSF Healthcare on a project to simulate a medical device that delivers fluids, medications, blood and blood products to patients. Find out how a project like this is of benefit…

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Fully-functional maritime simulator development launched

Building and steering boats is difficult for those without proper training.

Improving road safety with simulator development

If it looks like a car, feels like a car, handles like a car and gets into crashes like a car, that does not mean it actually is a car.

Simulators accelerate educational process

Reading how to do something can transmit an idea, but not as efficiently as being told, and those who are shown have even greater absorption of the information being conveyed.

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