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Non-traditional workplace habits make eLearning development essential

By April 10th, 2012No Comments

Some companies that might benefit from the use of custom training software may decide they can forgo using the tool. There are settings and industries in which instruction might be so basic that techniques and information don't bear sharing through specialized programs and applications. However, organizations that want to avoid adopting a digital instruction regimen might want to consider what aspects of their operations should be communicated using custom training methods.

For example, many companies are expected to begin using non-traditional workplaces in 2012, according to Entrepreneur Magazine. One hallmark of that kind of setup is the inclusion of smaller personal spaces and larger communal work areas. This can make even very experienced employees who are expected to perform the most basic work uneasy. Consequently, eLearning software can ensure workers are productive in this workplace.

Other seemingly minor factors can precipitate the need for custom training software. Telecommuting, instant communication on mobile devices and even slight variations on workplace PC operating systems can harm the effectiveness of these commercial habits. Ensure workplace norms are understood by creating specialized instructional programs to quickly share them.

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