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Online learning apps for teaching the disabled

By May 9th, 2012No Comments

The Cafe Project is a charity effort in Hampshire aimed at giving life skills to those with learning disabilities, and now the group is hoping to pioneer custom software application development for mobile learning opportunities with the help of new technology.

As part of the Project's move toward modernization, they're also launching a website that members can access and boost their IT skills with online learning opportunities. The charity is also hoping through social media and other networking that their increased online presence will help secure additional funding for the Project.

The coursework available to students is mostly focused now on life skills. According to one of the counselors on the Project, these abilities are also essential for joining the workforce.

"It could be something very simple like making a cup of coffee and it will go through to do that, step by step," said Somay Nakhal, a trustee of The Cafe Project. "It's to help them organize their daily work and tasks. I don't think there are any other similar ideas out there – this is the first."