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Contain Electronic Media to Prevent Loss & Misuse

Have you experienced the frustration of searching for corporate electronic media and being unable to locate it easily? If your company spends a lot of money and time acquiring or creating electronic media for business, then having a secure and centralized online storage system is a must. CSE Software Inc. can develop an electronic media…

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Reduce the Risk of Pirated Media with Encryption

What is piracy costing your business? According to the Huffington Post, a recent Business Software Alliance (BSA) survey found that 57% of the world’s computer users have pirated software. The commercial value of what the software industry has lost to theft is approximately $63.4 billion according to the BSA. Add to that the piracy of…

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Keep your Sales Team Ahead of the Competition with Mobile Learning

Making sales in a global economy can be a challenge. According to global research and advisory firm Forrester, mobile devices will play a leading role in engaging consumers in emerging markets. In one example, 75% of all new phones are being sold in Asia and Africa. Arm your sales team with the product information and…

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