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Keep your Sales Team Ahead of the Competition with Mobile Learning

By March 5th, 2013No Comments

Making sales in a global economy can be a challenge. According to global research and advisory firm Forrester, mobile devices will play a leading role in engaging consumers in emerging markets. In one example, 75% of all new phones are being sold in Asia and Africa. Arm your sales team with the product information and demonstrations they need to share with customers and prospects anytime, anyplace and on any device, by using a Mobile Learning (mLearning) format.

CSE Software can design Mobile Learning material to promote your products and educate your customers. Your sales team can share product specs, video demonstrations, interactive images, photos and more with customers on demand over any device, no matter what country and time zone your sales force is traveling in. The mLearning development team at CSE has experience managing Fortune 500 company brands, which includes following all guidelines and messaging rules to ensure that your company is represented correctly in every Mobile Learning module. Educate your customers with engaging, interactive sales material before your competition gets in the door.

CSE Software’s mLearning development team can define, design and deliver, the latest sales training and customer education. Your sales team can explore new product concepts; evaluate facts; and show customers exactly how your products work, all with the touch of a finger.

  • Script & content development.
  • Multilingual translation capabilities in up to 110 languages.
  • Thorough testing in native operating systems.
  • Easily update existing Mobile Learning with changes or new information.

Give your sales team the best in today’s technology with interactive sales material viewable on any device. Contact Stacey Burris at 1.309.670.7595 to get your mLearning project started today.