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Mobile learning apps bring global education to handheld devices

By October 24th, 2012No Comments

The importance of mobile technology like smartphones and tablets is growing on a regular basis in the business world. Offering plenty of flexibility and remote working options, companies are allowing bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs to help them launch mobile learning initiatives that heretofore would have been impossible due to the cost of buying all that new technology. Instead, companies can focus on cutting costs by creating unified training solutions that work through devices employees already own and operate.

One of the biggest bonuses businesses are seeing is that these tools are as omnipresent around the world as they are in the workplace. No continent on the globe is without a consumer mobile communications device, and these are all prime platforms custom learning software may be implemented on.

Moving to mobile
The transition to portable media has been slow because IT personnel struggled to get a grip on information security and other aspects of protecting corporate assets from a new range of security risks. As these devices become more accepted as part of business culture, though, they are being seen more as an opportunity to expand rather than just an assistant in regular activities.

To that end, some companies have migrated the entirety of their learning portfolios, or at least a substantial portion of them, to mobile device deployments. This allows users in all parts of the company to access these tools wherever they are and creates a portal for global interaction and collaboration. Schools appreciate these tools for much the same reason, as they work in tandem with traditional teaching methods but still supply many of the same benefits.

"We are investing in mobile technology so our career-focused students will have greater flexibility to learn online," said Alec Winters, an expert with FORTIS, in a Sacramento Bee article. He told the source that the company identifies mobile deployments as the leading track forward in educational and remote teaching tools.

Global reach
The mobile learning environment is advancing aggressively as more consumers and companies get their hands on this technology. Tablets and smartphones are making their way to a larger percentage of entities in all markets, and some areas are putting them to work faster as their own technology infrastructure begins to emerge into the international marketplace.

AME Info wrote that businesses in the Middle East are making ground on mobile commercial deployments by using these tools more for networking and collaboration and as teaching vessels. The source stated that handheld devices are being leveraged as platforms for finding valuable resources already, but integrating learning solutions is a desirable outcome for businesses currently trying to improve human resources initiatives and find new uses for existing technology.

"I firmly believe that these solutions will go a long way in significantly improving teaching and learning outcomes across all educational institutions in Oman," said Sanjeev Mansotra, chairman of Core Technologies in India.

CSE Software Inc. can help organizations interested in getting involved with global collaboration and existing BYOD and mobile technology see how these solutions can be custom tailored to fit the needs of their specific businesses. Mobile learning developments are bringing training and communication to handheld devices in a more significant way than ever before, and with these deployments, so too can global reach expand. The mobile development team at CSE can define, design and develop the right mobile apps for any audience and any budget.

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