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Gaining experience to understand and correctly work a device (aka machine, tool or equipment) is often done in real-world settings without much more than a few hours of training and a user manual. With today’s technology, any device can be simulated. Any device.

Simulate any device for training. Learners reach competency faster than traditional training methods.

Traditional training is conducted via learning management systems where learners answer a question, point, and click with the mouse. An in-person training might consist of an instructor traveling to location and spending a couple of hours lecturing and showing a device in front of a class. In many cases the learner is not engaged and is not retaining the material presented. When the need arises to put the steps/knowledge/process into practice in a real-world setting, the learner often makes mistakes—sometimes fatal errors.

With technology development easily accessible, organizations can simulate a device with a mobile or web app. Training becomes an exciting interaction, with real-time feedback. Healthcare organizations and the military have led the way with a number of device simulations. Mainstream businesses are now following.

Learners can train safely using a simulation before moving to a real-world situation. From medication administration, to programming life-saving medical devices, to factory machines, manufacturing tools, and more, can be practiced until mastered.

Benefits and ROI from device simulation:

  • Train learners consistently, the same way every time.
  • Record and report results to track learner progress.
  • Remove anxiety from training during dangerous situations.
  • Train anytime day or night.
  • Replace clunky LMS systems with more engaging simulation.
  • Cut down on travel costs.
  • Cut down on material preparation and printing costs.
  • Reach competency faster.
  • Secure with no need to worry about hardware engineering technology being exposed.
  • Use device simulations for sales and marketing, rather than taking the actual device, which may be large and less mobile.

Device simulation is fast and reliable when you work with an experienced development company. Contact CSE Software® today for demos and details.