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Mobile app development market soars past traditional methods

By November 16th, 2012No Comments

The availability of mobile devices in the workplace has made them an increasingly attractive tool in terms of making staff members more productive and effective at their jobs. What's more, these solutions offer a readily available outlet for providing mobile app development for training purposes and encourage constant growth and improvement in a workforce.

Recent reviews of the technology have found that the mobile marketplace is aggressively expanding. Forecasts show this trend is set to continue for the next few years, with a bigger focus on bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs in the office and the classroom phasing out older tools. With such strong momentum in the realm of mobile training apps and other tools, some theorize the traditional model could disappear in the future.

Changing methodology
The increased availability of mobile devices is likely the largest contributing factor to this transition, because as phones become more widely available in all parts of the globe, it becomes easier to make services accessible to any person with such a device. In turn, mobile training is gaining added importance because although not everyone can afford computers, many still maintain mobile phones.

Because these tools are more accessible than schools in some parts of the world, delivering mobile training is becoming increasingly popular, GMA Network reported. The source stated a study by Ericsson, a leading device manufacturer, stated nearly 90 percent of people around the globe have mobile tools and network connectivity, and that number is set to increase over the next 10 years. Due to the importance and overall presence of these devices, schools are harnessing their power and turning them into teaching tools and assistants, the source reported, tapping into the wealth of information these units provide.

Understanding options
Not all users have smartphones or tablets, though, so the traditional classroom may continue to simply be supplemented by the presence of these devices. Once initiatives catch on that provide advanced tools to students, or the cost of such items goes down, it may be that these tools may usurp the market majority that mobile phones now enjoy.

Regardless, the trend toward increased mobile learning proliferation is viewed as consistent among experts. On top of that, classrooms continue to see increased incorporation of mobile strategies into their teaching methodologies, The Herald Online reported. The source wrote that more schools are looking for alternatives that add mobile learning options to traditional classroom experiences to give students more opportunities to learn and get engaged with course material. What's more, these utilities can be accessed and shared with others around the world, which could create global classrooms as opposed to traditional, local ones.

As demand for these mobile app developments increases, so too does the number of manufacturers struggling to keep up with supply. Rather than partnering with a uniform product that meets generic mobile training needs, companies should build a custom app for its users that delivers essential data in a package that's easy to implement. Such tools can make it easier for schools to adapt to changing technology needs, increase the educational opportunities of those able to access them and provide vital teaching tools for those looking to move away from the classroom.

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