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Managing Active Directory in Healthcare

Managing access to information in a healthcare environment is a challenging task. Access to patient files must be granted to authorized personnel, but no one else. Active Directory (AD)—which authenticates and authorizes users in a Windows network—profiles every user to ensure they fit the correct profile before being granted access to information. There cannot be…

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CSE Software Participates in Peoria, Ill. Hilltop Trot 5K Run/Walk

CSE Software Inc., along with RC Race Management, Running Central and Bradley University’s Dept. of Physical Therapy sponsored the Hilltop Trot 5K Run/Walk held at Bradley Park, Peoria, Ill., on Oct. 5th. CSE’s team counted several Bradley alumni among its participants, including runner Mallory Schlink, who won 3rd place overall female runner. Other CSE race…

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CSE Software Inc. Develops Articulated Truck Simulation

Peoria, Ill—The CSE Software Serious Gaming and Simulation team has developed new software for training to operate an Articulated Truck. The actual Articulated Truck weighs 163,087 lbs. when fully loaded. The key feature is an oscillating hitch that allows it to turn in tight areas. The oscillation also means the truck can overturn easily, if…

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Outsource Help Desk Services for Convenient & Fast Customer Support

According to a study conducted by Avaya, 80% of consumers prefer talking to an agent on the phone, with e-mail response being the next method most preferred for customer service response. How does your business measure up on customer service? Do you need customer service support but you don’t have the manpower, space or budget…

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CSE Software Inc. Partners with OSF Healthcare

In a strategic partnership between CSE Software Inc. and OSF Healthcare at the Jump Trading Simulation & Education Center, CSE has developed simulation training for an infusion pump device. Using an interactive mobile app designed by CSE Software, hospital professionals will learn the proper operation of the Smart Pump and an overview of the supporting…

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7 Reasons to Automate Processes

Learn how custom development can save your business precious resources including time and money when you automate processes. Here are seven reasons why it makes sense to automate manual business processes. 1. Increase productivity and use less labor by reducing time spent on repetitive tasks. Long manual processes take time to complete. Once you automate,…

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Contain Electronic Media to Prevent Loss & Misuse

Have you experienced the frustration of searching for corporate electronic media and being unable to locate it easily? If your company spends a lot of money and time acquiring or creating electronic media for business, then having a secure and centralized online storage system is a must. CSE Software Inc. can develop an electronic media…

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Reduce the Risk of Pirated Media with Encryption

What is piracy costing your business? According to the Huffington Post, a recent Business Software Alliance (BSA) survey found that 57% of the world’s computer users have pirated software. The commercial value of what the software industry has lost to theft is approximately $63.4 billion according to the BSA. Add to that the piracy of…

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CSE Software Inc. Develops New City of Peoria Website

Peoria, Ill.—CSE Software, an IT company known for creative thinking, redeveloped the City of Peoria website at The new website features 225 pages and an entirely new look and more user-friendly format. CSE’s multimedia development team worked closely with city council members, citizens and city staffers to create a new navigation system and expand…

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CSE Software Inc. Now in Peoria

Growing Pains to Gains CSE Software has as solid a foundation as the downtown Peoria building it recently moved its businesses into. When the Oakford family built the grocery warehouse in 1916 (the building now known as the Maxam) they couldn’t have possibly imagined that a tech firm would someday occupy its third and fourth…

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