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Why Mobile Apps are Good for Business

According to Cisco, by the end of 2013 there were more mobile devices on earth than people. More than ever, consumers are using their smart phones and apps to find out about new products and services. In a Nielson study, nine out of 10 mobile searches resulted in a purchase or visit. That means buying…

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5 Reasons Simulation Training Works in Healthcare

The complexity and risk involved in delivering healthcare makes it a natural fit for simulation training. Realistic simulation allows medical students and professionals to practice skills in the safety of a virtual environment. The use of simulation can improve methods, processes, teamwork and patient outcomes. Here are five reasons why. 1. Understanding reactions. Learners can…

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Mobile Learning Shows Return on Investment for Business

According to a 2012 study released by the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), U.S. organizations spent more than $156 billion on employee learning and development. Many types of training are available, with some types delivering better results than others. More companies are turning to mobile learning (mLearning) because of the ability to train…

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Web-based Apps Available Anytime

In simple terms, a web-based application is one that is available via a web browser. No matter where you are located, the information is accessible inside or outside of the office. That’s certainly a benefit if you travel to satellite office locations, work from home, or are on the road. There are other benefits to…

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Universal Benefits of eLearning/mLearning Adoption

There are numerous benefits to eLearning/mLearning, depending on what is important to an organization. From testing and capturing results to addressing learning styles to using the material as a reference, organizations can benefit from adopting eLearning/mLearning. However, there are some universal benefits that any organization can gain with development and implementation of this training and…

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mLearning for Education and Training

Mobile devices are changing the way we learn in the classroom and workplace. Access to mLearning means education and training are available anytime and anyplace. The door to education is opened wider because students have access to virtual classrooms. Meanwhile, training in the workplace is no longer dependent on space and instructors. Employees from any…

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5 Reasons Your Business Needs to Adopt eLearning/mLearning Today!

Has your business adopted eLearning for training? If not, it’s time to make the move from traditional methods to eLearning! Here are five reasons why it makes sense: 1. Save costs. With eLearning you don’t need classroom space, instructors or printed materials. Develop courses and make them available on a PC, or via the Internet…

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CSE Software Inc. Partners with OSF Healthcare

In a strategic partnership between CSE Software Inc. and OSF Healthcare at the Jump Trading Simulation & Education Center, CSE has developed simulation training for an infusion pump device. Using an interactive mobile app designed by CSE Software, hospital professionals will learn the proper operation of the Smart Pump and an overview of the supporting…

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Keep your Sales Team Ahead of the Competition with Mobile Learning

Making sales in a global economy can be a challenge. According to global research and advisory firm Forrester, mobile devices will play a leading role in engaging consumers in emerging markets. In one example, 75% of all new phones are being sold in Asia and Africa. Arm your sales team with the product information and…

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Going global with targeted mobile learning

Creating innovative learning solutions for all ages can be challenging, but such resources are essential to schools moving toward acquiring more flexible teaching tools.

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